This sink has a CNS-supported worktop. We do not use cheap plywood panels as supports. Additionally, it has a wash plate/a raised edge and a drainboard. The sink is seamlessly welded in and equipped with a drip edge. The dimensions and bendings of our sinks and components such as basin size, drainboards and fittings are freely selectable. The sub-structure can be designed on a customised basis. We are happy to manufacture it for you open or closed. We are happy to integrate electric dishwashers of renowned manufacturers. Stainless steel wall panelling as splashback is also one of the numerous options we offer you.
Product Details
Material type Completely made of stainless steel | V2A | 1.4301 | X5 CrNi 18-10 | CNS | AISI 305
Material thickness 2,00 mm
Equipment Slope to basin, drainboard with ribs, base frame height-adjustable, optionally equipped with suspended rinser or mixed battery
Options Basin screen, base bottom, grate, basin with lever run-off valve, basin with angle screen, basin screen, drip edge, box upstand, radius swing, basin heating with control unit
Important information Sink is supported with CNS profiles, all basin sizes possible
Use For washing dirty dishes or pots

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