Dish return carousel

Our dirty dishes return carousel makes returning dishes easy and efficient. As a direct link between the guestroom and the scullery, it integrates in an optically discreet manner and almost without noise into nearly any canteen or self-service restaurant. Rattling trolleys and breaking glass and dishes are a thing of the past. The dirty dishes return carousel saves HR costs and is easy to clean.
Product Details
Material type Completely made of stainless steel |V2A | 1.4301 | X5 CrNi 18-10 | CNS | AISI 304
Refinement • Screens can be designed on a customised basis, as the customer wishes, e.g. by means of a coloured powder coating
Equipment • Integrated switch cabinet, sep. emergency stop both-sided, on/off switch, reset button
Peculiarity • Safety coupling, safety contact strip in scullery and guestroom, noise and screens
Important information • Theoretical output 950–1440 trays/hour depending on type, practical output 600–1000 trays/hour depending on type, tray size: 530x370mm or 460x340mm, 0.8rpm, nominal voltage: 400V, output: 0.06kW
Use • For returning dirty dishes to the scullery; dishes can also be deposited without trays
Advantages • Saves space, easy cleaning, no maintenance costs, low-noise operation, economical operation

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