Dish deposit rotary

The dish deposit rotary table facilitates the work in the scullery. The rotary tables are supported by wire mesh plates and covered and sealed with a CNS sheet (1.4301). The rotary resistance of the carousel is continuously adjustable; the table sizes are variable. Optionally, the dish deposit rotary table can be operated with 0.6–0.8 rotations per minute. It can be manufactured with many other additions and in a variety of variants
Product Details
Material type Completely made of stainless steel | V2A | 1.4301 | X5 CrNi 18-10 | CNS | AISI 306
Material thickness 2,00 mm
Other materials Portafilter plate for bracing the plates
Detail Portafilter plate is completely coated with stainless steel (water protection); rotary potentiometer is continuously adjustable, height-adjustable
Optional Tray shelf, discharge chute in tray shelf, dish scraper built-in, movable due to guide castors, drive motor 0.8rpm, plate sizes from 800–1800mm possible, adaptation to other tables
Important information Plates are individually ball-bearing-supported and are rotatable independently from each other
Use Quick, simple option for storing used dishes
Advantages Space-saving, a capacity of up to 4.1sqm depending on size (this corresponds to a work table of 5100x800mm), easy to clean, no maintenance costs, low-noise operation

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