Degustation system

Degustation systems are used in food production to test product quality. We provide these systems with equipment such as refrigeration zones, heat radiators, extractable hand-washing sinks, scrap flaps as well as napkin and hand towel dispensers.
Product Details
Material type Stainless steel
Other materials Fronts: wood panelling decor Wodego aluminium; worktop: granite Nero Impala 30mm, support aluminium
Material thickness 1-4 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm
Refinement Fronts, worktop and plinth can be designed on a customised basis
Detail Quartz heat radiator, halogen lighting
Equipment With sensor mixed battery, soap and hand towel dispenser with lighting and heat radiators with 8 stainless-steel desks
Peculiarity Hand-washing sink extractable, worktop coolable, heat radiator dimmable, octagonal shape to create the same conditions for all testers
Important information Incl. electrical sub-distribution and plug-in refrigeration unit, thus only one electric cable is required
Use For tasting and evaluating cold and warm dishes and drinks

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