Test bench

This test bench with height adjustment, surrounded by a powder-coated screen, allows you to concentrate fully on your work without disruptive ancillary factors. The settings of the bench and of the arm-rests can be electrically configured and saved by means of a memory function. In this way, several people can work at one bench and they need to set up their feel-good position only once. The lighting system can be equipped with the lights of your choice.
Product Details
Material type Standard: 1.4301; a different material if the customer wishes, e.g. 1.4571
Material thickness 1,00 mm
Other materials Circular tube 1.4301, ground grain 240; four-edged tube 1.4301, ground grain 240
Equipment Optionally with powder-coated screen; arm-rests; manual or electric height adjustment, also with memory function; lighting system with any lights
Dimensions Dimensions according to customer requirements
Design Design in Basic-Line or Top-Line

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