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Müller Feinblechbautechnik is a specialist in manufacturing parts from sheet metals with a width of up to 25mm. These sheet metals will be used in further production and can be made in vendor parts if the customer requests it. However, they are also the foundation of the kitchen furniture and equipment we design for canteen kitchens and the catering industry. In both fields, we offer a very wide range of services and manufacture standard products, as well as custom-made.

Our customers come from industry – mechanical engineering and plant engineering – as well as the catering sector and the canteen kitchen equipment industry. Further, we deliver to a wide variety of companies, such as locksmith’s shops, shop fitters and laboratory furnishing companies. The divisions are very diverse and special products for new areas are continuously added.

We manufacture the structures you desire. However, we can also manufacture or replicate the products according to descriptions or models. In the event of requests for which you or we have no standard solution, an optimal result is sought in close cooperation with our engineering department.

We cater to every customer during the entire project. Our working method is focused on quality and flexible so that you can also achieve the best results with your work. As we have our own planning department, we also design and create special products quickly and accurately. We deliver maximum quality in order to rule out consequential costs due to expensive post-processing.

For our high-quality production, we repeatedly invest in our fleet of machines. We use state-of-the-art techniques in laser processing as well as mechanical processing.

With our location between Frankfurt and Würzburg, we are centrally located and in a good starting position for delivering to all parts of Germany and to the neighbouring countries. Our in-house delivery service with a comprehensive fleet of vehicles makes us flexible and we are also able to deal with special logistical requirements.


Please note our job postings on facebook!

Each year, we offer the following traineeships to begin on 1 September:


Design Engineer in Stainless Steel Construction

You must have a good secondary school qualification; we place particular importance on good marks in Mathematics and Science. You must be quick-witted and have some technical ability.


Technical Product Designer in Machine and Equipment Design

You must have a good secondary school qualification; we place particular importance on good marks in Mathematics and Science. You must be quick-witted and possess spatial sense.


The deadline for applications is 31 October of the previous year.

You can learn more about our business and working as a Design Engineer in the discipline of stainless steel construction by interning with us. This can take place as part of a school internship programme or voluntarily in the holidays.

Technical school pupils receive places as part of practical technical training.

Students from various economics and engineering-related disciplines may also gain practical experience with us. It is also possible to write seminar papers and theses at our company.

Just get in touch! Send your application to:

Müller GmbH
Techn. Betriebsleitung
Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Mill
Gewerbestraße 41
97833 Frammersbach

We look forward to receiving your application!

Sponsoring & Social

As a sponsor of sports teams and clubs in our home location, we are glad to make a small contribution to the leisure opportunities for our staff and their families. Of course, we also repeatedly make financial donations to social and scientific organisations. Kinderhilfe Tansania, owned by the Friedel family in Frammersbach, is also close to our hearts.